Not a love story nor a bromance. The bonding of 2 papas whose ideas are often OTT, ridiculous and laughable by many regular sane people. Both passionate about what they can do, often ponder about what they should do. Long story short, it's 2 papas who met each other at the right time and share the same dreams.

Papa A has been working in the beverage industry for more than 20 years, knows the making, trends, marketing and pricing of beers. Papa K has been drinking for more than 20 years globally, knows what taste good and what a beer drinker wants or when a beer drinker feels dubbed by some big a** marketing effort. So it is combined 40 years of experience in beer from the maker side and the consumer side.


This is relatively much more simple to describe then the relationship. A place that exist virtually and physically for lovers and haters of beers to gather. We sell what we like, you buy what you like. We debate over which beer is the best, if you win we may buy you another beer. If we win, be sweet and buy another beer from us.

Dream v.1 - Physical store but who goes shopping now anymore? Everything is readily available online and delivered right to your door step. Therefore, Dream v.2 was born. An online platform to enable lovers & haters to buy what they like. But this is a common dream and there are many people doing that. Furthermore, it does not fulfil our dream of the personal touch and the debates we will look forward to with our customers. So, we improvised:
1. The website needs a chat room - so we can debate till the cows come home. Or till network down/black out again.
2. We sell what we like aka membership program. Sign up with us for 3 months or more and every month we will send you a carton of beer that we like and we are sure (sort of) that you will like. If you don't, you are more than welcome to come back to our chat room and scream at us.
3. You can still buy from us if you don't sign up the membership, just lose the discount perks but we are sure we will win you over eventually.

Events, we love holding beers (and drinking them of course). Every month or so we will invite our members to join us to hold our beers and cheers to the greatest drink ever at some fun place. Do a bit of pub crawl, make some new friends and continue our online screaming match on beers face to face.


Lastly, we are working on a hideout, for beers and us. This is still in the making and will let you know once our Hogwarts Express is ready for you to board and come to our Beer University.

Stay Sober.
2 Papas

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